Week 2: 6-8 Week Diet

Wow – that first week was a little rough!

Best thing I did – logged my eating, exercise and meditation time (added meditation, a spiritual component to smooth-out and balance myself) each day.  This week I am adding my on-line work and study times as well so I can really see how I use my time.  I also am adding general “feeling” for the day.  Along with trimming my body, I want to adjust my personal time management.  I want to do more in less time.  Also, I know that poor diet and time use typically has to do with other issues and triggers, so I am being watchful for that.

As I look through the entries last week, my worst thing was diet – I felt anxious and kind of upset emotionally and it showed up in my eating.  I also need to keep better track of all time and ho I use it.  So, this week, I will be mindful not to fall into emotional eating, but I will not be too strict with anything either so I don’t set up a sabotage angle for my plan.  I will nurture the part of me that’s anxious, not fight it.  I’m pretty sure this anxiety is deep-seated and related to with my relationship issues, and that’s nothing to take lightly.

New goals – new approach and not giving up on weight goals or anything else!


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